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Superbowl XLIX Pre-Funk Media Playlist

I’m taking a break from the typical tech-blog to share my favorite media links for preparing for this weekends Seahawks Superbowl Sunday.

Press Play

First things first, you need an audio track on hand to play as needed and Spekulation does it again with a new Beast Mix Media Day Remix.


The 2014 NFL Season

Now that you have the theme song established, you can let that bump while recapping the 2014 season (hint: extended audio also available).

I’ve found the offiical seahawks.com site to have the best selection of comprehensive on & off the field videos.  Here are a few recaps & highlights from the season:

There are plenty of other videos to choose from, but let’s step it up and pre-funk by recapping the playoffs.

NFC Championship Game

BELIEVE: A retelling of the 2015 NFC Championship. is the title of video recapping the Green Bay NFC Championship game (direct link).

Super Bowl XLIX Warm Up

The two weeks between the NFC Championship and the Super Bowl provide for some off-the-field entertainment.   Here are a few highlights.

The full 11+ minutes of Marshawn and Gronk with Conan O’Brian.

 Patriots Warm Up

I expected to hear more references to “You Mad Bro?”, but in case you need a recap, here is Sherman on FOX Sports recapping the “You Mad Bro?” moment with Tom Brady from the 2012 season.

Highlights from 2012 season, last time the Hawks faced the Patriots.

And that’s it for the best-of-the-best up to the Superbowl.

Superbowl XLVIII Media Playlist Recap

Sharing a best-of media roll for 2014’s Superbowl XLVIII.

Bout That Action

Before jumping into the anthem for the 2014 Superbowl, let’s view the interview between PrimeTime and Marshawn Lynch.

Audio Tracks

That interview blew up and one producer put together a nice track for us 12’s, have a listen.

And a remix by Blue Scholars‘ Prometheus Brown.

Super Bowl XLVIII

The Seahawks site has a Super Bowl 48 page providing a complete picture of the Super Bowl.

Rain City Redemption

This two hour video provides a lead up to the 2013 season ending with the SuperBowl victory by the Seattle Seahawks.


Lynch getting down..nothing like being in your element with your tune bumpin’!

And back in the town for the Super Bowl Parade.

More on the 2013 Hawks

Want more?  Here are some off-the-field videos providing different perspectives of the 2013 Hawks.

  1. Classic NFL Films Presents: Marshawn Lynch 

E60’s full feature on Marshawn.

Ronde Barber interviews Legion of Boom members before Super Bowl 48.

Behind the scenes look at Richard Sherman at work, off the field, working to perfect his craft.

Legion of Boom interview with Chris Berman:


That’s it, I hope you enjoyed the show. #gohawks