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Chicken Crop

I have a Sony digital camera which has a Multi-Burst option. Setting to this option will result in the camera capturing multiple pictures in succession. The playback on the camera is an animation of the photos but the resultant photo is actually a matrix of photo’s and not too useful on the computer.

ChickenCrop will take such an image and crop sub-images from it. The cropped images can then easily be used however one wants, send individually or use in some other tool to make an animated GIF. A popular method is to use Adobe ImageReady to open a directory to easily make an animate GIF.

Before to Animated GIF

ChickenCrop is written in Java. The catch is it was written with 1.6 while the more popular version and more widely used at the time of creation is 1.5. This unfortunately requires one to install Java JRE 1.6.  (Update May 2011: Try this updated link to pick the JRE for your system).


Download 1.0 now!

Step by Step Instructions

Here are some step by step instructions with pictures to guide you through the experience of ChickenCrop.

Step 1: Open ChickenCrop.jar.

Step 1

Step 2: Select the input file. In this case the original multiburst photo is selected.


Step 2

Step 3: Select the output file where you want the cropped images to be placed. You can optionally provide a tag you want to add to the cropped filenames.

Step 3

Step 4: Press the ‘crop!’ button.

Step 4

This will result in cropped images.


With some additional steps you can use other tools to easily make an animated image!

HINT:  The more I look the more utilities I find to help make animated GIFS from multiburst photos.  So far my application of choice is Adobe ImageReady.  You can import images from a directory and it will automatically layer them for an easy start to an animated GIF.

Animated GIF