Review of 33rd Street Bistro’s Lobster and Mac & Cheese Burger

Lobster and Mac & Cheese Burger

Lobster and Mac & Cheese Burger

The Intro

I was going to go for their “Puget Sound” sandwich but the waiter convinced me to try their special of the day, the Lobster with Mac & Cheese Burger.  This was described as a beef burger mixed with Lobster and Mac & Cheese.

From the description I was expecting the Lobster and Mac & Cheese to be mixed with the burger so I was a bit surprised to see the special ingredients simply placed on top of the burger.  It was a logical way to incorporate the toppings, just not what I had expected from the description.

About Steven

There are a few burger toppings I enjoy including avocado and grilled pineapple, but a good burger is all about the fundamentals of the beef, bun and the traditional lettuce, tomato, pickles and onion toppings. The bun needs to be soft but lightly buttered and toasted/grilled to add flavor, texture and structural integrity. The beef patty needs to be correctly proportioned with the bun, have balanced seasoning that does not overpower the natural flavor of the beef and needs to avoid too much oil/grease that results in the gut-bomb feeling. Added cheddar cheese is welcomed and almost a necessity to ensure you are comparing apples to apples as it is hard to compare a hamburger from restaurant A to a cheeseburger from restaurant B.