The purpose of this blog is to record all interesting and worthwhile information about burger encounters.  Primary intention is to have a retrievable record of the burgers consumed including when and where.  Secondary is to rate and rank the burgers in a helpful manner to help determine what the data says about the best burgers.


Any and all burgers we want to review.  This includes burgers from food trucks, fast foot restaurants, fine dining and those cooked at home.  Read more on how the burgers are rated and categorized.


It all started with an email and proclamation on September 9, 2014:

Scolari’s has maybe the most amazing fries I have ever had, but their burgers are pathetic.

I’ve decided I make the best burger.

My group of friends on the email thread never thought the thread would be so entertaining, but the replies reached 80 and were full of banter that inspired this blog, the Burger Battle Blog.