Foodie Movie?

If you are reading this blog you probably enjoy food.  And if you enjoy food, whether it’s eating food, looking at food, or reading about food, you are probably like me and enjoy watching a movie about one of life’s indulgences, food.

Here are some of my favorite movies on the topic of food and drink.

Comedy & Drama

  1. The Hundred-Foot Journey –  This dramatic comedy tells the story of a family from India who open a restaurant in France and compete with the neighboring restaurant to keep business alive.   What I enjoyed about this movie is how much they were able to have food and cooking be a central part to nearly every scene.  It is a good movie and great bonus for food lovers.   Check it out!
  2. Chef – Not the best movie, but I do recommend those who love food to watch it.  The characters are fun, actors do a great job and they show tons of cooking and eating.


  1. Three Stars – This documentary is all about food and provides an interesting conversation about the Michelin Guide and the food industry.  The profiles of the chefs and restaurants are fascinating and thrilling to watch.
  2. Jiro Dreams of Sushi – This documentary takes a deep dive into the life of Jiro Ono and his passion for sushi.
  3. Kings of Pastry – This documentary is about pastry chefs preparing and participating in a very challenging and respected French pastry competition.  If you enjoyed Somm (see below), then check out this movie too.

Wine Movies

Want some wine with that?  Movies worth mentioning more centered around wine then food.

Comedy & Drama

  1. Bottle Shock – Based on true events, this movie tells the story of the early California wine country.  I found this move fun and interesting as I was able to learn some of the history to the Napa/Sonoma wine country.
  2. A Good Year – Wine does not play a huge part in this movie, but it is in the story line.  I included it in the list because it does fit the wine theme and I love the scenery and it makes me imagine what I would do if I inherited a Chateau in France.
  3. Sideways – This movie always makes me want to drink wine.  Red wine to be exact.


  1. Somm – This documentary follows four wine lovers studying for Master Sommelier exam.  You get an inside view of the dedication, passion and knowledge some people have for wine.  A fun movie throughout.


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